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Those familiar with the famous fashion designer’s oeuvre will recognize the character and quirky sex appeal in Ralph Lauren's home art - a collection of historic photos that manage to transport cyber viewers everywhere to another place and time. Images of cool cowboys and pretty horses, Mohammed Ali high-fiving the camera, James Bond (a dapper Sean Connery) shooting pool, a noir birds-eye view of Manhattan, an impromptu snapshot of an all-too-rugged Steve McQueen, a pristine and slightly pouty Audrey Hepburn contemplating the Seine, vintage George and Ringo celebrating with cigars and sporting pre-enlightenment Beatle cuts. Breathtaking in their ability to capture a moment of global familiarity, the images not only make a statement on their own, they speak volumes of the designer’s own rugged-cum-uber-romantic tastes in home décor, and dovetail sweetly with his new collection of distinctive furnishings and crafted accessories that draw from the past. Pieces collected by the RL design team from auction houses, flea markets and off-the-beaten path shops and antique boutiques are now available to the public, and may be found at Ralph Lauren Home.

This stunning black-and-white photograph shows the iconic interior and window of New York City's Guggenheim Museum in 1955. This limited-edition print is supplied by Getty Images.
Ralph Lauren - Getty Images
This whimsical black-and-white photograph, shot by Len Trievnor in 1963, shows boxer Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) lying on his hotel bed in London and holding up five fingers.
Ralph Lauren
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