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Ralph Lauren bottles up the Big Pony

1 RL Blue a fresh sporty scent
1 RL Blue a fresh sporty scent

In the world of Ralph Lauren fragrances, what’s four more? Ralph has unveiled his latest olfactory accessories under the moniker of his latest style craze: The Big Pony.
These new scents are categorized to the specific moods and characteristics of the wearer – actual or implied, and are numbered for convenience.

Big Pony, Big Numbers
photo courtesey of l'oreal

Number 1 “RL Blue,” is an invigorating mix of lime and grapefruit for a fresh sporty scent.
Number 2 “RL Red,” blends dark chocolate and musk for a spicy seductive scent.
Number 3 “RL Green,” is an adventurous scent for the outdoorsman, featuring hints of fresh mint and ginger.
Number 4 “RL Orange,” energizes the senses with layers of mandarin and kyarawood.

I called customer service at and they informed me that the fragrance is available at Atlanta area Macy’s but not at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in Lenox Square.

for more information on the Big Pony fragrance collection, check out


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