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Ralph Huang Elected To Office With The Help Of The Internet And Lord Neil Gibson

Belizian websites and social media spaces are ablaze with the recent news that Ralph Dellonney Huang has won election to the position of Standard Bearer in the Cayo South Constituency of Belize, assisted by the help of Las Vegas businessman Lord Neil Gibson and LNBG LLC. The election puts Huang into an important position in Belize, and naturally when a prominent businessman like Lord Neil Gibson provides an endorsement and support through use of the internet in the form of videos, website articles and posts, the conspiracy theories will abound as to what exactly is the relationship between Huang and Gibson, and what will this relationship mean to the people of Belize?

In an interview that took place this week between Huang and a Belizian website, the questions were put to rest as Huang was asked specifically if he was endorsed by Neil Gibson and what that endorsement entailed.

When asked if Huang knew Lord Neil Gibson, his answer was a simple and straight forward one. “Yes, I do know the man and he is a very wonderful person and he is my friend and we do have business together abroad the country.” When the interviewer went on to ask if the campaign was funded by Gibson, the answer was once again short and to the point. “Yes, he contributed.”

The reporter went on to ask Mr. Huang if there were any expectations on Lord Gibson's point in exchange for the assistance with the campaign, at which point Huang answered,
“Nothing; he just simply wants to help the people of Belize. He is not asking for anything in return; I have known him for some years now.”

Lord Neil Gibson believed in a candidate whom he had known personally for years, and who he expects will do a good job in his elected position. Gibson's interests in Belize itself from a humanitarian standpoint is to raise the standard of living of the residents, and from a business standpoint is to foster and create the enterprise within Belize that has come to define him and his companies worldwide. Through the use of internet spaces, Gibson allowed Huang to have a more global voice, and allowed his message to reach more voters than if it had not been managed in a digital format. There is nothing about the practice of using mass media that is out of the ordinary, and it is commonplace in today's day and age. Perhaps the conspiracy theories are as a result of the candidate that was backed by the other mediums losing to a more qualified candidate. Perhaps they are being circulated by people who have simple vendettas against Gibson or Huang. While we never may know the truth behind the sources of the negativity regarding this campaign, one thing remains true. The people spoke with their votes and the person they wanted in the position was elected.

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