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Rally tonight for Malibu Unites cause

This diagram of PCB does not show the horrific results caused by exposure to this contaminant.
This diagram of PCB does not show the horrific results caused by exposure to this contaminant.
Edgar181/Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Urgent appeal: tonight at 6:00 p.m. PDT the citizens’ group Malibu Unites will be staging a rally in support of their cause, the remedying of toxic conditions at their area schools. The public is asked to assemble at the Malibu Library at that time for a peaceful demonstration to show the district school officials their strength. There will be speakers, including parents and school staff who are involved in this effort, as well as students from schools effected, some civic leaders and other concerned citizens. In the last category there will be some special guests that include Cindy Crawford, Ed Begley Jr. and Josh Malina.

Experts on the subject of PCB removal and the laws concerning this deadly toxin will be on hand as well to discuss the issues at hand. Certain schools in the Santa Monica-Malibu area such as Malibu High School have been found to have higher levels of PCBs (not to mention other contaminants) than any other location in the entire nation. Yet the district school board has so far swept the matter under the rug, refusing to take any appropriate action. Meanwhile students and staff are being forced to endure these highly hazardous conditions. Many have been suffering from illnesses ranging from nausea, headaches and rashes to cancer. How long will this problem be allowed to continue unabated? Will it take the deaths of those attending or working at these buildings before the officials take real notice?

The laws governing the presence of lethal contaminants, above all PCBs, are clearly stated and are being completely ignored by school district officials. This situation is going to become another Love Canal before it is dealt with properly, by the looks of it. Children presently enrolled in contaminated schools will have severe health problems that will plague them for, possibly, the rest of their lives. Those with cancer may not have very long lives, sad to say. Adults working under such conditions, and children who grow up and have offspring of their own, may find that their DNA has been compromised. Will any of the current officials be around in another generation or two to take the heat from all this? If they are, will they be as callous to the results of their neglect when they see it in the form of birth defects stemming from the contamination they shrug off now?

The Environmental Protection Agency stipulates that a level of PCBs from 50 ppm and greater constitutes such a health threat that the materials must be removed. Still, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District flaunts their disregard of this federal law. This board is in complete denial of the existence of levels far beyond this minimum, and has no plan to eradicate the contaminated building materials, soil, or anything, period, for at least another fifteen years. Deliberate negligence like this leaves them open to both criminal and civil prosecution, but they apparently couldn’t care less. This amounts to complete lunacy—is that what they are hoping for, to plead not guilty by reason of insanity?

People who have no conscience are said to be sociopaths. Apparently there are a lot of those kinds operating in the Malibu school district, masquerading as decent human beings. Does this sound harsh? Perhaps, but if they can look the sick children and adults in the eyes and, knowing they have the power to act and still refuse to do so, “sociopaths” are the least of the epithets they have earned.

The Malibu Library is located at: 23519 Civic Center Way. Please show your support by your attendance and attention to the speakers. More information can be found at the Malibu Unites Facebook page:

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