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Rally to Restore Sanity in Los Angeles: Satellite Rally details to attend free

Rally to Restore Sanity
Rally to Restore Sanity
Rally to Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart will be glad to know the Rally to Restore Sanity: Los Angeles Satellite Event details have been announced. On Sunday there was a fundraiser in Santa Monica for rally participants to show up ahead of time and share some laughs while coughing up a few bucks for the event. Before the party, the even was only $3,000 shy of covering all the expenses for the Los Angeles event. The details of the donations were yet to be released as of Monday morning.

The final details of the rally schedule have been released and it includes a plea of no littering.

According to the organizers the following is the schedule as posted on Facebook:

October 30, 2010

9.00AM - NOON: DC Rally Live Feed
12.00PM - NOON: LA Speakers and Comedians

The northwest corner of the park near W 6th St and S Park View Street

The event has over 600 people scheduled in the Los Angeles event, but everyone is bracing for more people. This includes a request from organizers to not litter while in downtown. There appears to be concerns that this could cause major issues with the permit released.


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