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Rally for California to label GMO

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) might or might not be perfectly acceptable as food products, but the issue here is whether to label them. The ingredients in food products are listed on most labels, and consumers are free to choose whether to read those labels and whether to purchase those products.

Not so with GMO, which is not labeled. In fact, big companies that sell processed foods have fought against labeling initiatives with millions of dollars worth of advertising campaigns. The problem is that many people will refuse to buy GMO.

Companies that routinely change their labels every three months are claiming that it would cost them money to change their labels. This is clearly detective. It is not labeling, but lost sales that will cost them money.

Vermont is on the verge of a GMO labeling law victory. And if Vermont can do it, so can we. Let’s make California the next state to pass GMO labeling. Maybe they will stop putting GMO in our food, if we quit buying it.

You can attend a rally and Senate Judiciary committee hearing at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Tuesday, April 22. Or if you cannot attend the rally and hearing, you can still call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee before the hearing and send a message to your own legislators.

Please be positive and encouraging when calling these Senate Judiciary Committee members. They need to feel our support.

Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (chair) (916) 651-4019
Sen. Joel Anderson (vice-chair) (916) 651-4036
Sen. Ellen Corbett Fremont (916) 651-4010
Sen. Ricardo Lara (916) 651-4033
Sen. Mark Leno (916) 651-4011
Sen. Andy Vidak (916) 651-4016

SB 1381 is a simpler, clearer version of Prop 37. Polls, both before and after the 2012 election, showed that 67 percent of Californians support a state GMO labeling law. SB 1381 is our chance to finally achieve what the people of California want: GMO labels on their food.

Read the text of SB 1381 here

Endorse SB 1381 here

This is round two of a huge fight. Lobbyists from the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association are out in full force, spreading their misinformation at the state Legislature. But we can win if we act together!

Please contact your lawmakers today and together, we can knock this bill out of the park, and make California the next state to enact a GMO labeling law.

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