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Rally for Bristol Bay to be held today

Pebble Mine protest to be held today at noon in downtown Anchorage.
Pebble Mine protest to be held today at noon in downtown Anchorage.
Photo: Rally for Bristol Bay

A rally to protest the Pebble Mine exploration currently under way in the Bristol Bay watershed area near Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is being held today.

At noon, members of the online Facebook group Rally for Bristol Bay are gathering to protest the continued exploration of Pebble Mine. 

The protest comes in the wake of a $45,000 fine issued by the state to the Pebble Partnership for the unauthorized use of water at their drilling sites.

On Friday, state regulators suspended the permits for continued exploration at the cooper and gold deposits. 

A settlement agreement with the Pebble Partnership has laid out clear conditions that must be met before the permits are reinstated.

But members of Rally for Bristol Bay want the state to take stronger action and terminate all exploration efforts in the area.

The region being explored serves as the watershed for Bristol Bay and is the spawning ground for wild salmon.

Bristol Bay's economy is largely based on salmon fishing and it is feared that  mining efforts will destroy native salmon habitat and have long-term negative impact on the Bristol Bay economy and fisheries.

The Rally for Bristol Bay aims to put pressure on state legislatures to consider all those impacted by mining exploration - both human and wild. 

The Rally will be held between noon and 1pm today at the Robert B. Atwood Building, 550 W. 7th Avenue,  downtown Anchorage. 


  • Neala 5 years ago

    WTG Rally for Bristol Bay - "We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

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