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Rallies have been held against police brutality across the United States

Police brutality
Police brutality

There has been a great deal of distrust developing between the police in New York City and elsewhere across the United States and the general public due to widening reports of police brutality. The police brutality has become so pervasive and filthy across the United States that people must control their rages when the police allege that their greatest critics are making things up and are mentally ill even though the broken lives and dead bodies from American police brutality are very much for real and are not manifestations of psychotic fantasies. Most recently rallies have been held in New York City and elsewhere across the United States to protest police brutality after a man died from an alleged police chokehold reported Al Jazeera on July 19, 2014.

Rallies in New York City followed the recent death of Eric Garner. Garner died during an arrest in which a video of the struggle between him and the police officer showed Garner in what appeared to be a chokehold. This tactic is actually not allowed under New York City police department policy. Reverend Al Sharpton held rallies on Saturday over the death of Garner.

Ms. Esaw Garnetr, the wife of the dead man, broke down into tears at one of the rallies which was held Saturday at Sharpton's National Action Network headquarters which is located in Harlem. Sharpton has said Garner's death will serve as a test of the New York Police Department's relationship with the black community. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has called Garner's death "very troubling." De Blasio has promised there will be a complete investigation into the circumstances surrounding Garner's death.

New York communities are rallying against police brutality reports The Real News. On Tuesday similar rallies were held across 30 U.S. cities. There have been other deaths associated with New York City police brutality. Kyam Livingston from the West Indian neighborhood of Flatbush died in a Brooklyn jail cell in July after he complained about stomach pains for several hours and did not receive medical attention.

Daniel “Majesty” Sanchez, who is an activist and hip-hop artist who hosted a know-your-rights workshop during Tuesday’s rally in New York City has said that again and again the police brutalize and kill people and continue to simply walk away. Sanchez is right. The police in New York City and across the United States should come to terms with themselves and stop railroading critics of their brutality out of work and into the nations mental hospital concentration camp system.

Only confronting the real problem of police brutality in the United States will solve the very real problems of wasted
careers and lives due to this brutality. If all of this is not stopped it is not unreasonable to assume the protests could someday turn ugly with the streets of the United States possibly becoming a war zone as has been happening across the Arab world.

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