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Rajon Rondo trade rumors: Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics ready to trade or not?

Rajon Rondo is still a hot topic as the 2014 NBA trade deadline approaches.
Rajon Rondo is still a hot topic as the 2014 NBA trade deadline approaches.
Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Rajon Rondo trade rumors kicked into high-gear on Wednesday night (Feb. 19). As reported by USA Today, a Rajon Rondo trade to the Houston Rockets popped up on the radar, with the team possibly looking to group him with Dwight Howards and James Harden to form a new "big three" in the NBA. Analyst Sam Amico reported that discussions had not taken place between the two teams yet, suggesting there wasn't much truth to the stories.

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The deadline hits at 3 p.m. ET on Thursday (Feb. 20) and there are no shortage of teams that would reportedly like to acquire the former All-Star point guard. When he gets healthy again, it is very likely that he will be playing for more All-Star teams. The only question is whether that will be in the Western Conference or the Eastern Conference. Well maybe there is another question, because it also isn't easy to determine which team he will be representing.

The Boston Celtics really don't have to make a deal this season, as they have one more year on the contract with him. It means the organization holds all the cards, even if some of the Rajon Rondo trade rumors might indicate differently. Murmurs about him going to the New York Knicks aren't going to end until the point guard signs an extension with the Celtics or gets dealt to another franchise. That should at least keep things interesting as the offseason approaches if nothing gets done before the deadline.

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