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Raising Vibrations (Part Two)

Increased Awareness = Higher Vibrations
Increased Awareness = Higher Vibrations
Increased Awareness = Higher Vibrations;

Dear Readers, this is part two of a column about raising vibrations; please click here for part one.

Today we’re continuing our discussion about raising vibrations by taking a look at awareness, and what follows are my personal observations and thoughts regarding the effect awareness has on raising our vibrations and expediting our spiritual growth.

I absolutely believe that improving our awareness is something we can put our minds to, and see immediate results, because awareness is directly related to being awake, perceptive, and sensitive to what’s going on around us; and it's especially connected to what’s going on inside of us. It’s about our feelings when we see or read about things that are happening in our own little world, and the world at large. It also has a lot to do with how we accept and absorb and apply new information. Being open to new ideas absolutely facilitates the expansion of our individual awareness. And we all know that because we’re intricately connected, when one of us steps up our awareness, the rest of us will follow.

There was a time in all of our lives when we were not aware of reincarnation, yet that didn’t mean that reincarnation wasn’t taking place. We might not be aware of the electricity entering our appliances, but it most assuredly does. As we learn and grow, and become more awake and sensitive to what’s happening around us, we’ll react to our new awareness in the moment and take the action that will raise our vibrations and allow us to expedite our spiritual growth.

It’s my feeling that awareness builds on itself and once we start on the path of awareness, it increases exponentially. This is why so many of us suffer so much when we read the newspaper or watch the news. Our vibrations are at a level where we are much more aware of the suffering that’s going on in the world; and as our vibrations rise, so does our sensitivity to the perceived injustices of the world. The good news is that this kind of awareness, this wakefulness, this sensitivity, is what is going to take us to the next level in our own lives.

It also seems to me that with awareness comes greater responsibility. With increased awareness we will find ourselves needing to put on our big Lightworker pants and take responsibility for our own Spiritual growth and direct communication with Spirit. With increased awareness also comes a greater responsibility to reach out and help each other and our planet.

We’re evolving; don’t doubt it for a minute. The fact that it seems slow to us, and we don’t see any physical evidence of it means nothing. We have the power within us to move our evolution forward by raising our vibrations, and developing our awareness skills is a great way to help ourselves move forward. Namaste.


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