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Raising rabbits: Wild baby rabbits

Babies in nest
Babies in nest
Quietcreek Farm

Spring is here! Everyone is ready for some nice weather, but with the nice weather also starts the mowing season. Every year, about this time, wild rabbits are having babies. While mowing you, or a family pet, may come across a nest of baby rabbits. Here are some tips to ensure their safety.

First, the very best chance the babies have is to put them back where you found them! The mama will come back, even if you have touched them. The milk from mama is very special milk and is very hard to duplicate. Most mamas will only feed their babies one time a day, so don’t just assume that babies are not being cared for.

If you think there is no chance that mama will not come back or you are sure mama has been injured or even killed, try to find a local rehabilitation center. They will be the second best chance for babies to survive. When all options have been exhausted you can review a few previous articles that may help. While raising baby rabbits with a homemade formula is very hard it is not always impossible.

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