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Raising rabbits; Getting control of flies

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Spring is here, and after the winter most of us experienced, many of us welcome the nice weather with open arms. With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of something else that anyone with rabbits, or other livestock know very well, flies. Now is the time to start your battle against these pesky creatures. Even if you do not have a problem yet, consider yourself lucky. If you are already experiencing a problem it is not to late to start initiating these tricks to get them under control.

Even in the cleanest of barn, flies will be present. Cleaning out your barn daily helps; but in most of our busy, daily lives this is not a reality. Still removing as much of the rabbit, or any livestock's, droppings and discarded hay as often as possible is a huge help.

There are a couple of products on the market that have proved to be helpful also.

  1. offers several good products at very reasonable prices and most can be found at your local garden store or feed store. One favorite is the Pro Series Giant Fly Glue Trap. Hanging this in your barn allows you to roll out a small amount at a time then tear off the used portion to discard as needed. Another favorite is the long tube glue stick traps; both kinds work better then your little twisted fly strips.

  2. Sweet PDZ offers a great product that helps with odor and flies. After cleaning your floor or pans sprinkle a small amount on damp areas. Sweet PDZ helps absorb moisture, which also attracts flies, controls odors and helps control flies.

  3. The final product that can be a big benefit in keeping flies under control is fly bait. Different brands can be found at most local feed stores, Tractor Supply or other farm related stores. Quickbayt or Golden Malrin are both good brands. Fly bait can be used a couple of ways. One is to pour some in a bowl and set in a corner of the barn. Another way, that some find more effective, is to just scatter it lightly all over the barn floor; applied several times a week for the most effective result.

Controlling flies takes work and consistency. What ever method you settle on or products you choose to use, consistency is the key. Remember to change your glue traps or any trap often; sometimes once a week and use the fly bait daily if possible.

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