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Raising Our Vibrations

Do you know when your Vibrations have been raised?
Do you know when your Vibrations have been raised?
Do you know when your vibrations have been raised? Google

Regular readers of my books and this column know that Ruth Montgomery was someone I looked up to and admired while she was on this side of the veil, and still do. In fact, she inspired me to pursue automatic writing as a way to communicate with my Guides. Ruth channeled her own Guide, Lily, and then when she passed over, she also channeled the world-renown psychic medium, Arthur Ford, which is how I first became aware of him and subsequently read all of his books. Recently I re-read Arthur Ford's The Life Beyond Death, which was written in 1971, and was fascinated with the following passage:

When we consider the vast multitude of significant vibrations [i.e. x-rays, radio waves, electromagnetic waves] which surround us at all times and of which we are totally unaware, we see how ridiculous it is to imagine that our ‘five senses’ give us anything like an accurate picture of the universe we live in. Yet our materialistic scientists would have us think that these and only these are the sole source of data from which to derive comprehension! This matter of vibrations is important to me; I am convinced that becoming aware of the next stage of existence beyond the earth biosphere is very largely a matter of becoming to its vibrations.

My point in directing your attention to what Ford wrote 43 years ago is simply this: That all of this raising our vibrations stuff is far from new. And when it comes to raising our vibrations, while we know that it means the rate or frequency of our vibrations is raised, we may often feel that since we can’t see it happening, that it’s not really happening--which would be incorrect. My sentiment here is that many of us just don’t know what to look for, and that while we might not see a change, most of us will feel something as our vibrations rise. Jeffrey Marks, radio show host and author of the book, Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality, wrote the following about what it’s like to feel our vibrations rise in his perceptive and insightful blog, The Inner Voice :

Now, you might think that in raising vibration you should feel something vastly different from your ‘normal’ vibration -- like you’re sitting there and all of a sudden you should feel like you have a rocket pack strapped to your back. Sorry to say, this doesn’t happen. But when you reach a good meditative state and with enough awareness, you can actually feel a rapid pulsation go up and down the core of your body through your chakras that is about double the speed of your heart rate, and you will also notice your breathing is smooth and equal, in terms of time spent inhaling and time spent exhaling. This pulsation, now that I think about it, does extend to your skin, too, as I have felt a buzzing sensation across my epidermis during these moments of awareness. However, if you don’t feel this rapid pulsation, that doesn’t mean you haven’t raised your vibration, it just means that you haven’t got an awareness of it just yet.

Speaking for myself, I tend to feel a kind of vibrational buzzing or hum in my ears that my Guides tell me is a type of energy signal that’s giving me a little bump up in frequency. I’m sure that it’s different for all of us, and it's important to know that there is no right or wrong way to perceive an energy boost---but if we pay attention, we’ll eventually discover what our individual signal is.

Becoming aware of our vibrations being raised is a good thing, and something we want to watch for, because it tells us we’re making progress, which in turn motivates us to continue doing the things we've been doing to move forward--things that are working! Here are four reasons to keep working on raising our vibrations...

  1. The higher our vibration, the easier it is for us to connect with our Higher Self.
  2. The clearer our connection (to) our Higher Self, the better able we are to move past ego.
  3. As we move past ego, and enjoy a clearer connection to our Higher Self, the better able we are to receive understandable and comprehensible guidance so that we can make better decisions.
  4. Better decisions allow us to learn and grow Spiritually, and that, in turn, allows us to develop and evolve.

Let’s talk a little bit about what, exactly, it means to raise our vibrations. Well, I like the way hypnotherapist, healer, and founder and director of the Center of Hypnotherapy, Marilyn Gordon describes it:

You are made of electromagnetic energy, and like a magnet, you bring to yourself things, people and events that match the rate of your vibration. So to bring in good fortune, love and happiness and to send those out to the world as well, you want to create as powerful a force field in your being as you can.

The ways that Marilyn suggests to create this powerful force field of what is actually positive energy, and raise our vibrations are amazingly similar to what my Guide Group talks about in both Windows of Opportunity and Raising our Vibrations for the New Age. Marilyn’s suggestions revolve around keeping our words, thoughts, and actions as positive as we can:

  • See the advantage of everything. This means that you look for the positive potentials in everything.
  • Stand back and observe rather than judge things and events. This gives you the chance to take the negative spin off things and just to observe them as they are.
  • Cultivate gratitude and give thanks for all you have and all you are.
  • Watch the ways you speak to yourself and vow to be more kind.
  • Live with the possibility that a miracle could happen for you – and re-paint the vision of your possible future.
  • See how your worries are negative thoughts about the future, and you can promise yourself to transform your thinking.

What Arthur Ford, Jeffrey Marks, Marilyn Gordon, and my Guides say on this subject makes sense. My main thought on this subject, after much meditating and contemplating what it means to raise our vibrations, is that through awareness, we can become better and nicer people as we continue to evolve.

Even if we’re already nice people, which I’m sure is the case, we can consciously take ourselves to the next level, and the next level after that, and so on--and that, my dear friends, is evolution. Some say evolution isn’t happening because our physical bodies haven’t changed since, what, pre-historic times? I say, ‘So what.’ Our bodies may stay the same, but we are very much involved in the evolution of our souls, and this is where awareness comes into play. And for space reasons, we'll stop here for now and discuss awareness in my next column! Namaste.


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