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Raising Funds and Spirits for BirdLine Parrot Rescue

On March 15, a fire at a bird rescue based out of Canada cost a family their home, several birds and several thousand dollars in vet bills. After the incident, several bird groups, bird toy companies, and various members of the avian community have banded together to raise the funds the family needs to get back on track.

The family has six birds remaining out of the 30 plus birds that were in their care. Of those six, two remained in critical care Sunday at the veterinary clinic. The other four were released. is a fundraising website with a fundraiser for the family that runs BirdLine parrot rescue. As of 4:45 PM on March 16, the website had raised $910. In addition, Things for Wings, Crystal's Bird Toys, and Avian Stainless, all toy making companies for parrots, are holding a one day auction until 7 PM. Bidding on these sites begins at $25.00 and 100 percent of proceeds go directly to the Lawrence family for their needs.

If you can donate, Texts From Parrots, on FaceBook, has information on where and how to do so.

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