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Raising Awareness Naked Bike Ride

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While nudity is kept behind closed doors and shuttering eyes. On Saturday June 14, 2014 the “World Naked Bike Ride” will spin off its 11th annual bike tour. It will be a day when countless fearless bicycle riders will bare their buns in the sun in over 22 major cities around the world, too orchestrate the largest eye popping globally staged environmental protest ever seen by some. The nudist cycling groups are causing an-uproar for cleaner air by demanding that the use of fossil fuel be reduced, and to encourage city folk to pursue a healthier life style by cycling.

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Along with the tour’s popularity the number of naked-bicyclists seem to have grown in the past several years, and have plans to take on the city streets while only armed with their bare butts, as others will be adorned with mere smears of body paint. Since the month of June has been globally adopted because of its warmer weather, it has now become the official month to celebrate summer’s clean air for life ride. The World Naked Bike Ride is just one more of those things that you need to do before you die.

If you are a bold participant of the environmental awareness ride, it will be fun, and you expect to be using parts of your body that you might not have known you had. There are some things to keep in mind if you are thinking of riding: It might not be the best place to pick-up a date, because many of the cyclists there are interested in riding for the cause, and you will need plenty of luck to find a hook-up there. Some groups have a low tolerance for such behavior, and you will be asked to leave the pack. Even though some will have very little on, that does not necessarily mean a hop in the sack. Make a strong effort to control yourself, and do not grab a feel-off of the other participants. I would also suggest asking before taking pictures or videos, and that is especially if you are not participating.

While you are riding there is a chance that you will have someone make a derogatory comment, expect it and forget it. The best way to handle it is to ignore those drawback’s comments. It is not worth a dime nor should you allow them to ruin your time. Just believe in what you are doing and continue to peddle causing awareness. Every person that sees you will wonder, “What is that about?” as you pedal your way through the city’s streets. If you are thinking of using a “city bike” for your tour, that is all well and good, don’t forget that you should sit on a towel during your ride. Always keep it clean for the next rider.

Police ordnances can vary from state to state, and always find out your location’s nudity policy. Most parts of the United States, nudity can be an issue, while some countries where the event is also taking place they do not have such issues with nudity. It is always best to check with the event’s director or the sponsoring organizer. A totally naked ride can mean a hefty ticket or a naked ride in the back of a police cruiser’s cold seat to the local station.

Last tidbit, there is a list of things that you should bring with you: Tire repair kit, suntan lotion, bicycle gloves, filtered water, towel, helmet, eye protection (sunglasses), bicycle of course, and do not forget to bring your clothing, as a matter of fact wear a light clothing incase you would like to bring them with you. Also always request a map or a finishing location. Try to always stay with the pack of cyclists, and familiarize yourself with the area that you will be riding in.


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