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Raised Urban Gardens

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City folk consider their garden to be the produce aisle at their local grocery store, or maybe the Farmer’s Market they visit on weekends. Country folk consider their garden to be their connection to nature that’s within walking distance of their back door. The best scenario? Combine the two!

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Melanie Ellsworth took that concept and designed a system to work for anyone with a busy schedule who still had the desire to grow their own food. Nutrition is the topic of the day, but it takes time to tend to a garden…and learn the tricks of the trade…and learn how to prepare the foods you grow. Going natural may not come so natural to everyone.

To the rescue … Melanie’s Raised Urban Gardens! As a wife, mother of six, and a dedicated 5th grade teacher, Melanie has her hands full. But she somehow fits gardening into her busy schedule because she loves growing nutritious foods to feed her family. She started out with a traditional garden, but happened upon a unique way to grow the foods she loves by repurposing her picnic table into a garden bed. This newly designed garden was much easier on her back, and she didn’t have to pull weeds! That spawned her idea to design and build raised gardens.

With help and support from her family, Melanie created a Garden box and easy-to-follow plans so others could benefit from accessible gardening. Melanie’s husband, Kent, helped tweak the plans so that the Gardens would be structurally sound. Her daughter, Paige, took pictures of Melanie building the Garden box as a visual for others as they built their own. Melanie’s son-in-law, Josh, set up a website and blog for information, recipes, contests and more. Every member of the family did their part (especially when it came time to eat the fruits of their labor).

Benefits of Raised Urban Gardening
1…No weeding
2…No backaches
4…Great for small areas with sunshine
5…Reduces insects
6…Discourages critters
7…Healthier foods
9…No rototilling
10…Great for the elderly
11…Wheelchair and walker accessible
12…Easy access
13…BPA-free containers!

Raised Urban Gardens are multi-faceted:

  • Kids eat healthier (they’ll eat what they grow!)
  • Gardening promotes exercise (great distraction from parking in front of the TV)
  • Gardening is a constructive school or nursing home project
  • Great gift idea

“Taking gardening to a whole new level” makes it easy to put fresh and healthy food on your table!

Melanie Ellsworth, Designer



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