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Raise your SAT/ACT scores and get $ for college

Improving Scores Leads to $
Improving Scores Leads to $
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Those SAT/ACT scores in college do two important things for you:

  1. They can keep you from taking zero credit classes - you still pay for those even though you don't get credit.
  2. They can give you scholarship money to attend college.

So, how do you improve your scores?

  1. Take practice tests - there are sites where you can take free practice tests, and sites where you can purchase tests. Take the tests in a timed environment, just as you will be taking the real tests.
  2. Use online prep sites - there are several that are free, or low cost.
  3. Look at several study guides for the test and memorize the most used math formulas.

On the day of the test, remind yourself to:

  1. Read the whole question. Too many times we read part of the question and jump to answer it. Read the whole question.
  2. Skip the ones you don't know and come back to those questions.
  3. Pace yourself - that is why you want to practice taking timed tests.
  4. Sleep well, eat well, and don't psych yourself out - go in with a positive attitude.
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