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Raise a pint Lads and Lassies. Tartan Day is a comin’!

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Mark ye’ calendars Quines and Louns because April 6th is Tartan Day! And let’s face it, any holiday that involves kilts, bagpipes and Highland Games is a holiday worth celebrating.

So grab a pint, turn up the Bay City Rollers and enjoy the following tidbits of Tartan-esque trivia.

Tartan Day is commemorative event celebrating the victory of Scottish independence. In 1320 the Declaration of Arbroath was signed and Scotland gained their hard-won...wait for it...hold...hold...FREEDOM.

The whole shebang started in the mid-1980’s and today cities ‘round the world do their best to give Tartan Day bash goers a bonny good time.

For your partying pleasure, here are some resources that are sure to put Scottish holidays at the top of your “To Celebrate” list.

What's a party without friends?

If you don’t have enough of them or if you need to put some Scottish one’s in your friendfolio, here’s a social media community we believe you’ll Like. The founder and page members are a high spirited clan who will make you feel welcome in no time. Their Celtic content is among the best on the Net and not something you want to miss.

Wild Eyed Southern Celt

And speaking of friends…

It’s hard to make friends if you don’t speak the same language.

You’ll likely not have time to get a Rosetta Stone and learn Gaelic, but you can make sure you've got at least a cursory knowledge of the Scottish culture tucked away in your Sporran.

All cultures have oddly similar symbols. Other than love, symbols and their meanings are the universal language. So if you don’t know one Celtic god/goddess from the other or a triquetra from a triple spiral, here's another social media megalith. It’s fabulous and, because of this, we predict you’ll want to spend moor and moor time there.

Celtic Mythology

And speaking of Scottish culture. Wait. We meant couture...

If Tessa Hartmann has to show up and issue you a fashion citation you’re going to get caught with your kilt down and ain’t nobody got time for that.

To avoid this potential humiliation jump on your trusty plastic pony and yell, “Charge!” if you have to but do your celebration cred a favor and visit The Crafty Celts.

Their swashbaubles, bangles and bows are beautifully, uh, crafted. We’re sure you’ll Like them and feel so confident in your new Scottish chic that you’ll burst onto the dancefloor, becoming veritable Lords and Ladies of The Dance.

And speaking of dance...oh, stop groaning…

We call this part of the article, The Hifi-land Games.

We’re rounding out our Tartan trivia by saving the best for last; the music.

Now, there was no way to stick to only Scottish bands and musicians because the whole world of Celtic music is so near and dear to our hearts we just couldn't bear to leave folks out just because they didn't have the good fortune of belonging to the country whose national animal is the Unicorn.

Yes. Scotland’s national animal is a Unicorn.

Familiarize yourself with the following bands and musicians and in no time at all you’ll tapping your toes to the jaunty mixes and wiping a tear at the soulful strains just like a real Celt.

Heck, now that you’re outfitted to the nines and maybe even have some friends, it’s probably a good idea to throw a pre-Tartan Day party. Seriously, doing the hustle in chainmail may not end up being your crowning moment without a few practice runs.

Here’s enough Celtic music surfing to keep you busy until Tartan Day:



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