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Raise a pint Lads and Lassies. Tartan Day is a comin’!


Learn all about Tartan Day and discover Celtic resources to make this the best Scottish celebration ever!

Mark ye’ calendars Quines and Louns because April 6th is Tartan Day! And let’s face it, any holiday that involves kilts, bagpipes and Highland Games is a holiday worth celebrating.

So grab a pint, turn up the Bay City Rollers and enjoy the following tidbits of Tartan-esque trivia.

Tartan Day is commemorative event celebrating the victory of Scottish independence. In 1320 the Declaration of Arbroath was signed and Scotland gained their hard-won...wait for it...hold...hold...FREEDOM.

The whole shebang started in the mid-1980’s and today cities ‘round the world do their best to give Tartan Day bash goers a bonny good time.

For your partying pleasure, read the rest of the story to find some rockin' resources that are sure to put Scottish holidays at the top of your “To Celebrate” list.

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