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Rainy day fun with these engaging kid's toys

Rainy day game ideas
Rainy day game ideas
Cristine Struble

Summer vacation is filled with days at the pool or running around the park. When rain hits, kids start asking what can we do. Stop the boredom before it starts with some engaging toys that can keep kids entertained for hours.

Hot Wheels Build a Track

The classic cars are ready for a challenge. Is your child ready to build the track of his imagination? Hot Wheels Build a Track is the way a child can construct his ideal course. From hairpin turns to long straightaways, these tracks can change with a whim. Race one car or multiple ones on the tracks. The differences in courses can promote conversations about why one car can go faster than another. With the Hot Wheels Build a Track, a day indoors never gets boring. Sets begin at $24.95.

Barbecue party

When the grill gets hot, the food is ready to jump off the coals and onto the plate. In Barbecue Party, players race to get food off the grill before the grill throws the food off. No one knows when the grill will jump. Nimble fingers and quick reaction helps gain success in this game. Barbecue Party by Goliath Games retails for approximately $19.99.

Road Trip from Identity Games

A bad weather day doesn't mean that kids can't travel the USA on a game board. Road Trip from Identity Games is a race across the country that puts players wit and knowledge to the test. Can you name three towns that start with the letter P? Can you create a tale of a trip tales using the letter A? As players travel answer correctly, they collect rest stop cards. Road Trip by Identity Games retails for approximately $24.99. Put the family's knowledge to the test and have a little fun in the process with Road Trip. It might inspire your next family vacation.

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