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Rainwater Harvesting for Central Texas

Dry Creeks can help divert water from the foundation of your home.
Dry Creeks can help divert water from the foundation of your home.


  • Chris Maxwell-Gaines 6 years ago

    Thanks for promoting rainwater collection in your post. One thing to remember is the collection efficiency of a rain barrel. While you can collect a lot of rainwater from a large roof area, you will only end up with 55 gallons or so after the rain event.

    While a rain barrel is great for small irrigation needs (potted plants, etc), they don't provide enough water to become a part of the overall water conservation solution for an entire residential lot. When people are using 1000s of gallons of water during each irrigation cycle, you can see a 55 gallon rain barrel really doesn't make a dent in this usage.

    Larger rainwater collections systems can easily be integrated into urban and suburban lots. To find out more about these larger systems, check out

  • mw1116 6 years ago

    Great advise, I find myself looking for more and more ways to conserve and reading your articles have helped immensely in finding new ways of doing things without having to do so much research myself. Thank you.

  • Gary Thompson 6 years ago

    My wife and I bought 3 triple units from Green Water here in town and love them! We just saw them in Countryside Nursery and were glad to hear others are loving them too.

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