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Rains County Sheriff's deputy fired: Sheriff states for 'safety' reasons

Candy and Cole in happier times
Facebook: Justice for Candy Middleton

The Rains County Sheriff's deputy who shot a dog April 19 has been terminated, KTRE News reported April 24.

The Examiner articles listed under suggested by the author tell the tragic story of how Rains County Deputy Jerrod Dooley shot a dog named Candy in the back of the head, then refused to mercifully end her life as she lay suffering.

The Facebook page Justice For Candy Middleton, started just two days ago by Cole and Jayna Middleton, has already gained almost 20,000 followers and climbing.

A petition was also started asking for the firing of Officer Dooley, who was place on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Word just came in from Sheriff David Traylor that Dooley has been terminated from the Rains County Sheriff's Department. Traylor stated the cause of the firing as threats made against Dooley.

Evidence had mounted against Dooley Wednesday after a necropsy report was sent to officials showing Dooley shot Candy in the back of the head, meaning Candy was retreating from the officer.

Cole and his family are heartbroken about the death of their dog, and Cole touched the hearts of dog lovers worldwide when he stated

“And then I had to do the unthinkable, the otherwise unthinkable. I had to kill my dog with my bare hands and put her out of her suffering, praying for this to be over with."

Sheriff Traylor has announced Dooley won't be rehired by the Rain's County Sheriff's Office, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. Traylor stated department and deputy safety as the primary reasons the decision to terminate was made.

The investigation is ongoing, with supporter's demanding that it's not enough for Dooley to be fired, he should be charged with animal cruelty.

If a private citizen had committed such a heinous act, animal cruelty charges, as well as filing a false statement to police would likely occur.

Dooley blatantly lied when he put in his official report that Candy had been shot because he "feared for his safety." He should be held accountable as a private citizen would.

Dooley's actions have left the family wide open to file a lawsuit against the officer, the Rains County Sheriff's Department, and the municipality of Emory, in which the incident took place.

Not only could Dooley end up being held accountable for animal cruelty, Cole and Jayna had their 4th Amendment rights violated.

Similar cases have resulted in charges of negligence against the officer responsible, meaning police are either improperly trained, or fail to take into account a dog may be present and being prepared.

Contact for Rains County Sheriff's Office is listed below

Phone: (903) 473-3181
Fax: (903) 473-3008
Police Department Address: 313 East North Street Emory, TX

A GoFundMe account was set up by supporters for anyone wishing to donate toward any legal issues necessary to see that justice is handed down for Candy's death.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about this latest development, and any other issues that need to be addressed.

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