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Rains County Sheriff's Department dashcam video released

The dashcam video from a Rains County Sheriff's Department officer has been released, KLTV reported April 24.

Rains County Sheriff's Department dash cam video released

Several articles can be found following this article under suggested by the author, detailing the tragic death of a Texas dog named Candy.

CAUTION: The video, although not graphic, is disturbing. Especially when Candy's owner, Cole Middleton, collapses on the ground after seeing his dog shot.

A longer version of the video, which couldn't be embedded, can be viewed by clicking here.

Pay close attention to the officers in the background, as they wave and smile for the camera.

Despite Rains County Sheriff David Traylor terminating deputy Jerrod Dooley, Traylor stated to news media that his department is still fielding threatening calls from irate animal lovers.

The East Texas sheriff describes his department as 'barely able to function,' despite Dooley being fired.

The dashcam video doesn't show Candy charging the officer. She barked, she jumped out of the truck, and it's only Dooley's personal opinion that Candy charged him.

Necropsy results dispute Dooley's claims. The shot is documented by Kevin Bankston, D.V.M. as having entered the back of Candy's head, where it then exited her face.

No decision has been made as of this article as to whether Dooley will face charges of animal cruelty. People who have viewed the dashcam video believe some form of punishment should be handed down to the officers seen having a good time as Cole broke down.

Perhaps things will calm down at the Rains County Sheriff's Department once Dooley is charged, as the more than one million people who have read Candy's tragic story believe should happen.

Information to contact officials, including Rains County judges, is listed below

Court Secretary Cathy Lewis for Judge Wayne Wolfe
Phone: 903-473-5000 ext. 120
Fax: 903-473-4298

Please share Candy's story, and be sure to like her Facebook: Justice for Candy Middleton page.

This case is one of the worst cases of dogs shot by police to date. The thought that an officer of the law would shoot a family dog in the back of the head, then refuse to put that animal out of it's misery to end its suffering, is beyond belief.

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