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Rainier bodies: Three bodies possibly found where six climbers went missing

Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

In new reports, officials are reporting that they believe that three bodies may have been found on Mount Rainier. On Tuesday, Yahoo shared that what appears to be three bodies has been spotted. This has been spotted in an area where six hikers actually went missing. Sometimes people think that hiking is a great idea, but they need to be careful. You need to make sure that you know the area before you travel up into an unknown area and end up getting lost.

Park staff members were flying over the park last week when these bodies were spotted. Now they have to figure out how to get into the area and be careful to try to recover them. There were actually two guides and four hikers that were lost. They did have a guide with them, but that didn't keep them safe.

These were all very experienced hikers. They decided to try to hike up an area that is not used by many people. Mount Rainier is a very popular place for hiking. Over 10,000 people went there last year to hike, but less than 200 took the route that this group took.

Inquistr shared that this group went missing in May. At this time, it is not confirmed that these bodies are those of the missing hikers. Authorities are hoping that they will be finding out that these are the bodies of the missing hikers. They have still not found a way to get in their safely and check without taking the chance of someone else getting hurt. It can be really hard to find someone in this area. This should make hikers think twice about trying to go up Mount Rainier by this route.