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Rainforest Falls and Cub Club at the Buffalo Zoo

Rainforest Falls
Rainforest Falls
Buffalo Zoo

Most families who live in Buffalo have been to or at least heard of the Buffalo Zoo.  Although a zoo is not often considered to be a popular winter destination, there are two great, ongoing winter activites at the Buffalo Zoo.

The first is the Rainforest Falls exhibit.  Opening in 2008, Rainforest Falls is designed to replicate the geology and ecology of Venezuela's Canaima National Park which is the home to Angel Falls.  Upon entering this two story exhibit you will truly feel as if you are walking into the rainforest.  The balmy climate as well as hearing the gentle "roar" of the beautiful 25 foot waterfall transports you to a warm place for a few moments!  Ocelots, poison dart frogs, boat-billed herons, vampire bats, piranhas and free flight birds are just a few of the animals you will spot while walking through Rainforest Falls.  Before you leave be sure to go up the stairs to the second level balcony for a spectacular view of the entire Rainforest Falls exhibit.  

Cub Club Preschool Program at the Buffalo Zoo is a well kept secret.  Kids age 2-4 start learning the ABC's of the animal world through crafts, activities and stories that all center on the letter of the week.    Kids are greeted with a practice handwriting page emphasizing the letter of the week and 2 coloring pages of the animal they will be learning about that day.  Each week the hour long program focuses on an animal, the name of which starts with the letter of the week.  Songs, stories and crafts all teach about the particular animal and near the end of the hour children will see the animal they have been learning about that day.  It will either be brought into the room for kids to see and/or touch or they will walk over to that particular animal's exhibit within the zoo.  Kids are completely spell bound the entire hour, even the 2 year olds!  Club Club is an awesome program for kids. 

Here's the great deal about Cub Club.  If you are a member of the Buffalo Zoo, you can enroll your child in Cub Club for only $6 per week.  This is a great price for the fun your kids will have in 1 hour.

Visit the Buffalo Zoo, and just in case you didn't know, parking is FREE at the Zoo during the winter!


  • Rachael Ritenburg 5 years ago

    Hey Karen! Thanks for all the great info- I was just researching a zoo membership and I found this site- imagine my surprise to see your picture, someone I know! :)

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