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Rainforest Cafe: A meal for the jungle


If you are looking to entertain your kids, the by all means, go to the Rainforest Cafe. If you are looking for great food, eat elsewhere. This jungle-themed restaurant boasts life sized, noise making animals such as elephants, snakes and birds found in the rain forest. Every half an hour there is a rain forest storm featuring rain, thunder and animal sounds. The children will love it and they may love their chicken nuggets or pizza as well but many entrees are for the birds. Food is lackluster and prepared in a hurry. In fact, your meal may be sitting back there for some time if it lands on your table within a few moments of ordering. The menu does offer a variety, however. There are sandwiches, salads as well as large entrees such as fried chicken and ribs.

Waitstaff was rude and not especially concerned with your satisfaction. This place would pass as touristy at best. If you want to change of pace for your family and take a chance, this establishment is located at West Farms Mall.