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Rainey publishes video of Hopkins vetting Corso circa 1998

Carol Rainey published video footage Tuesday of former ufology icon Budd Hopkins questioning the late Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso. Long suspected of manufacturing tall tales, Corso made extraordinary claims of knowledge of alien bodies obtained by the U.S. military and told unconfirmed stories of the introduction into society of back engineered extraterrestrial technology. Hopkins attempted to clarify details of the circumstances in the video, providing viewers a glimpse into both ufology history and the lack of evidence of Corso's claims. The clip was filmed in 1998 at a UFO conference taking place in San Marino, Italy.

Controversial and questionable work of Corso and Birnes

Corso published many of his tales in the 1997 book, 'The Day After Roswell'. It was co-authored by William J. "Bill" Birnes of 'UFO Hunters' fame.

Hopkins rose to ufology prominence due to his controversial work in the alien abduction genre. His work has been greatly criticized for such reasons as the use of hypnotic regression as a memory retrieval tool and clearly demonstrated circumstances of researcher bias. Passionate followers have nonetheless adamantly defended Hopkins' conclusions and actions, refusing to be swayed in their opinions by virtually any evidence of his sometimes poor research practices.

Rainey is an award-winning film maker, author and the ex-wife of Hopkins. More about her may be found on her website and more of her video clips may be viewed on her YouTube channel.

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