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Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Amp Head

Attention Guitarists: Rain Alert
Gary Allen

To anyone growing up in the late sixties, that old B.J. Thomas recording immediately comes to mind, even with the added word in the title. To a musician who has ever had to move his equipment in the rain, it evokes at least a smile. To this guitarist, though, reading it as the subject header of an email from Gary Allen, host of the Music Underground Jam, made me literally laugh out loud. (LLOL?)

Nashville's premier, invitation only Rock and Roll jam--formerly the PIA Jam--has been beset by either too much rain or too much sun for months now. With the promise of rain last Saturday, it seemed prudent for the jam host to suspend the jam for a week, in consideration of the equipment being hauled from vehicles into the studio. Hence, the email notice. As it turned out, the previous Saturday did not call for rain, yet the newest player to The Jam, a keyboardist from Schenectady, had to wait for a lull in the unexpected sprinkles to bring his keyboards in, to avoid risking water damage.

One wonders when the weather will actually stabilize, and the sun once again smile on the event. (hopefully not quite as hard as it has in recent times) Nevertheless, I can always count on the humor and watchful eye of the host, with whom I share a more than passing appreciation for the Weather Channel.

Should any musicians who have interest in this weekly meeting of Nashville's Rock and Roll minds, and wish to learn more about the current status of The Jam, they are invited to contact the host at

So, I guess the admonition for the time being is "Keep 'em dry, y'all."

--Ken Utterback is a long-time musician who writes a blog on MySpace as well as the occasional essay for other publications. You can email Ken at:

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