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Rainbow manicures are still 'in' for 2010

Rainbow colored manicures came in the picture summer 2009.

Nashville resident shows her rainbow manicure.
author's own

Personally, I liked the trend, but thought it wouldn't  last. Celebs like Rihanna, Eva Marcille, and even, Lindsay Lohan  have gotten into the mix of the colorful summertime trend. Click here to take a look at Kelis 'Skittles' style French manicure on Glamour magazine's website.

Even with the celeb appeal, I never thought the conservative fashionistas of Nashville would tune in on the trend. Ah! Don't be so quick to think otherwise. Spotted just this week, I found an urban fashionista sporting her colorful manicure with summer spunk! Take a look at the picture to see her version of the colorful manicure. The vibrant opaque colors are bright and cheerful and give the wearer a fun pop of color when wearing even the most basic dress.

This trend shows that everything and anything can be turned into a fun accessory, even your nails! Take a look at the video below, to do your own colorful manicure.


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