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Rain Tree Gear; eco-friendly fashion


It’s functional, feel-good fashion. Launched nearly a year ago, Rain Tree Gear sells specially designed organic t-shirts and apparel for the eco-friendly and comfort conscience shopper not willing to forgostyle.

The organic line utilizes 100 percent organic cotton t-shirts, with designs in water-based inks that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Based in Milwaukee, Rain Tree Gear  sells apparel online and at select independent retailers such as Discovery World gift shop, Sweeny Todd in Bayview and Olive Fine Organic living in Mequon.

Co-founders Marc Colwell and Eric Sanchez originally met as adversaries playing college soccer and have now joined forces to promote their love of fashion and the environment. With the slogan, “Today’s Apparel for Tomorrow’s Environment,” Rain Tree Gear stands behind its mission to ensure a greenfuture by donating $1 for every organic t-shirt sold to environmental causes.

Co-Founder Eric Sanchez said, “we are striving to improve the quality of our product by seeking out vendors who provide cutting edge fashionable apparel that is also eco friendly. With the sustainable movement in full swing, our customers are hungry for such new items and we want to answer their demands.”

The original goal for Rain Tree Gear was to be an exclusive e-commerce based company, but as they continue to sell their products in more independent local stores, they are seeing more demand. In fact,  opening up a dedicated shop in Milwaukee and in Chicago is potentially part of their future plans.


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    The only thing hotter than rain tree gear right now is the hottie who wrote this story.