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Rain, rain...keep on coming!

Teresa Scott-Traves

It’s been raining in Amarillo for the majority of the past two days. Is the old poem true, do April showers bring May flowers? It really depends on the flowers, whether they are annuals or perennials and depending on blooming time for certain flowers of course; the showers aren’t the only factor and showers or lack thereof in previous months can also have an impact on how well your flowers bloom. But, the last couple of rain-filled days have certainly increased some greenery in the neighborhoods around town.

Although trees and flowers had already started to bloom around here, the showers have made everything seem all the more pretty and alive. However, if you were planning yard work for the latter part of this week, you may be out of luck. Mowing your lawn is not recommended in these rain soaked conditions, due to it causing a tear instead of clean cut on the blades; not to mention the utter mess of cleaning chunks of wet grass from under the mower.

If gardening has been on your mind or you’ve been procrastinating getting your flowers planted and you’re brave enough to get drenched in the rain, at least the dirt will stay exactly where you put it unlike most dry windy days. Planting in the rain has some benefits including softer soil and fewer bugs.

Here in the Panhandle, rain is a great sight, not just for the occasional gardener or the plants but for the farmers who are growing crops, many of whom rely on rain as a main source of irrigation.