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Railroaders Memorial Museum, Altoona, PA

The  Brookeville  Locomotive  which  sits  outside  the  parking  lot  of  the  museum.
The Brookeville Locomotive which sits outside the parking lot of the museum.
John Cowgill

You pull into the parking lot. You see the short Brookville locomotive on display. You walk by the huge test weight car that is used to test heavy weight on the tracks. You see a railroad signal overhead. You see one of the old railroad shop buildings. You see a box car and a caboose. You see all of this… and you have not even entered into the building to pay your admission.
Welcome to the Railroaders Memorial Museum located in downtown Altoona, Pennsylvania, America’s only interactive railroad museum. It is a museum dedicated to those who worked on and for the railroad. It has numerous exhibits that give you a look into the workers lives as well as the workers families, and it tells you how the railroad has contributed to so many aspects of American life from industry to agriculture to life at home.
Once you have spent time inside, you then go outside to see the cars that are on display including a super flatcar that is used as a stage for summer concerts. You can even see a turntable used to turn locomotives and cars around. Oh, they have a new roundhouse that you will soon be able to tour. Be warned. There is much to see at this museum. If that is not enough, you can walk outside past some old workhouses or to the nearby train station and watch the trains roll by.
The museum is located at 1300 Ninth Avenue in downtown Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is open from early April to late December. You can get admission price information and of upcoming events at
Sherry McCarthy, the Marketing Director at the Railroaders Memorial Museum, contributed to this article.

This  is  the  Railroaders  Memorial  Museum  in  Altoona,  Pennsylvania
John Cowgill
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