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RAII & Whitney Keaton: A love story made in musical heaven

Finding love can be a daunting process. For RAII & Whitney Keaton, their love blossomed through music. TheSmith's shared their love story in an interview on Monday, May 19. Their secret to keeping their relationship strong, in an industry where marriages are anything but harmonious, is rooted in their relationship with God.

RAII & Whitney Keaton [photo courtesy of RAII & Whitney Keaton
RAII & Whitney Keaton, music

Some may say to see their spouse day in and day out, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, would drive them insane. Well, not RAII & Whitney Keaton. Because their relationship started off as friendship first, they were able to learn about one another platonically. Meeting as members of the same ensemble, the Cynthia Turner & Heartspeak, they bonded over music. Initially music brought them together, but their spiritual upbringing connected them on a deeper level.

After their friendship grew into love, RAII and Whitney began dating. In valuing their commitment to God, their choice to abstain from sex was mutual. Honoring their bodies and souls, RAII and Whitney fell more in love. RAII recalled the day when he knew that Whitney would be his wife. They were in a church service when Whitney was caught up in worship. RAII remembered looking at Whitney and God whispered to him that she was his wife. What a love story.

Over the years, RAII & Whitney have traveled around the world on tours apart and together as background singers for various artists in the music industry, including Alicia Keys and Estelle. In the beginning of their tour life, they never would have imagined that they would end up working together. Recently, the couple just finished up traveling with Alicia Keys' "Set The World On Fire" world tour.

TheSmiths have enjoyed a successful career as background vocalists traveling the world exploring new places and sharing everyday of their lives together doing what they love. A seven month lull interrupted their career where the opportunities seemed to be none existent, but as God would have it this was their time to step out on their own musically. Supporting one another, as they always have, the process to this moment in time have brought them full circle.

Memorial Day weekend on Sunday, May 25, RAII & Whitney Keaton will be performing a few songs from their debut project "A Time For Everything" coupled with some of their favorite covers at the Double Door located at 1572 N. Milwaukee in Chicago at 7:30 p.m. cst. The chemistry RAII and Whitney have developed over the years of being friends to becoming husband and wife, will be displayed center stage. Musically, the Smiths met, but spiritually their relationship is kept through God.

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