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RaiderZ preview

RaiderZ is Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming contribution to the action-MMORPG arena, featuring both class and weapon based combat without the “tab targeting” of many slower-paced latter day MMOs. We had a chance to put in some time with RaiderZ at PAX East 2012.

RaiderZ preview PAX East 2012
RaiderZ preview PAX East 2012
2012 Perfect World Entertainment
RaiderZ - Big bosses, big weapons.  Hunt together... Or die alone!
2012 Perfect World Entertainment

The concept of RaiderZ is simple – Hunt and smash monsters, spawn big bosses, then hunt down and smash some more! Collect new weapons, learn new skills, and take on titanic foes in a variety of environments designed to house the epic encounters.

For instance, a boss that spawns around some ancient ruins happens to be made of material from said ruins, and actually wields a giant pillar from the crumbling foundation. We only had a chance to see some of the early game content, but the order of business is generally this: Move to a zone, slaughter a number of minion style creatures, and then spawn the big guy and get down to business. We saw a giant toad, a ruins golem, and a frozen wasteland yeti.

One of the more interesting aspects of RaiderZ is the “weapon-based” combat. While your skills (Think “talent tree”) are stickier, your available skills will actually change on the fly based on whatever weapon you happen to be holding or swap to.

Getting crushed by a giant club? You may want to pull out the old sword and board for some defensive maneuvers. Feel like dishing out some serious two-hander harassment to some minions? Hunt down an enemy wielding one and take it out – It may drop the weapon it’s holding right on the ground! Swap weapons, and your skills will change immediately to reflect your new armaments.

RaiderZ is an Eastern style “grinder” being altered and localized for the Western audience, and it feels like it knows exactly what it’s doing. RaiderZ focuses on one of the best parts of the MMORPG experience – the boss battle. Forget jumping through hoops to get to the next encounter, RaiderZ provides streamlined back-to-back big boss encounters, one after another.

If you’re a fan of action-oriented MMORPG gameplay and a lover of boss battles, keep an eye on RaiderZ. Players can sign up for beta at the official site.

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