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RaiderZ at PAX Prime 2012

The Chimera will be a mighty foe to battle during open beta launch
The Chimera will be a mighty foe to battle during open beta launch
2012 Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment’s RaiderZ is set to go into open beta soon, featuring 35 levels of content. At PAX Prime 2012, we were treated to some of the new content that hasn’t been in the closed beta that will be showing up when open beta goes live.

Many of the new features are actually quality-of-life improvements that add to the game outside of the combat. As RaiderZ is already heavily invested in players stomping smaller enemies and building up to epic boss battles, the focus here was on what players can do when they’re not taking on the world’s encounters.

Players can create and use musical instruments that they will be able to play in town and in the wild. If monsters happen to come along, you can smash them around with the guitar before swapping to your main weaponry. There are meal kits that players can use to feed their groups with buffs before taking on boss challenges. Salads, meats, and other options will be available to get players in shape for challenging fights.

Players will also have access to shapeshifting, which will allow them to use items to turn into a variety of monsters that come with unique skillsets and attacks. Monsters may have heals, buffs, potent swings, or nothing important – There are some transformations designed purely for having fun and laying down taunts and other cosmetic effects.

We had a chance to take a look at the final boss of the open beta content, the Chimera. The Chimera is an alagamation of all the previous bosses, commands a powerful array of skills and attacks, and will likely be one shotting players left and right as they try to score some of his valuable drops.

RaiderZ is scheduled to release in 2012.


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