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Raiders vs. 49ers: Relationships will be tested during 2014-2015 football season

Are you a fan
Are you a fan
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If you and significant other are football fans then you already know preseason has started.

For the individuals that live in the Bay Area having two teams can cause problems in some relationships. If one individual grew up one side of the bay and the other across the bay this can definitely be a challenge. A Raider fan dating a 49er fan can make for interesting conversation during football season.

Raider fans are starting off with one win and one loss so far in preseason. With exciting players like WR Brice Butler on the roster the Raiders could be the team to beat. In addition with veterans like FS Charles Woodson and DE Justin Tuck, who by the way both have Super Bowl wins under their belts, encouraging their team mates the Raider Fans can look forward to some great games this season. The next game will be Friday August 22, 2014 against Green Bay in Green Bay. See the rest of the Raiders 2014-2015 schedule here

On the other side of the Bay the 49er fans are looking forward to attending the games in the new Levi Stadium located in Santa Clara CA.

Read the article in the mercury news about restrictions at the new stadium

The 49ers are welcoming back exciting players like QB Colin Kaepernick and WR Michael Crabtree. This season should be one of the most exciting seasons in a while because of all the hype around the teams new home. In preseason the 49ers have one loss and the next game will be played on Sunday August 17 at 1PM against the Denver Broncos at home in the new stadium. See the rest of the 49ers 2014-2015 schedule here

Depending on what side to the bay you want to win what happens when the season actually starts will definitely tell the story. And on December 7, 2014 when the Raiders play against the 49ers in Oakland brace yourself because trash talking will be at its highest in your household.

In the end everyone in the Bay Area hopes that one of the teams representing the Bay makes it all the way and wins the Super Bowl.

Who do you want to win? Raiders or 49ers?

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