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Raiders cheerleaders: Raiderettes file suit against Oakland Raiders

Raiders cheerleaders: Raiderettes file suit against Oakland Raiders.
Raiders cheerleaders: Raiderettes file suit against Oakland Raiders.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Raiders cheerleaders filed suit against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiderettes claim that the NFL team has committed a list of wrongdoings. According to Inquisitr on Jan. 24, a class-action lawsuit was lodged against the franchise.

The claim was entered at the Alameda, California, County Superior Court and includes both current and former Raiderettes. It alleges that the Oakland Raiders engaged in wage theft and other unfair employment practices.

Raiders cheerleaders’ attorney Sharon Vinick claims that they are paid $1,250 per season, which works out to only $5 per hour. The team withholds pay until after season end and requires the cheerleaders to take on business expenses and pay them themselves.

Additionally, there is a laundry list of infractions that can incur fines levied on the Raiderettes. The cheering squad members have ben dinged for things like failing to bring a yoga mat to practice and bringing incorrect pom-poms.

The Raiders cheerleaders are looking for pay owed them by the team from previous seasons and the current one. According to their attorney their employment contracts are full of illegalities.

So far there has been no comment from team management at all on these issues. With such a poor team performance record this season, it seems like no one has anything to cheer about in Oakland.

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