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Raiders cheerleaders: Oakland Raiders sued over wage theft, unfair work practice

Raiders cheerleaders are suing their managing team, the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, this week over claims of unfair work practices, wrongful employment terms, and even wage theft. These hardworking athletes — both former and current cheerleaders are part of the official lawsuit — are alleging that not only does the organization refuse to pay them until the very end of the season, but it does not compensate them for all of the time and energy they put into their jobs. The CS Monitor shares this Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, that the court case reached an Alameda County Superior Court this Wednesday afternoon.

The Raiderettes during a game
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

While Raiders cheerleaders are often admired by many of the NFL team’s football fans, apparently the team itself hasn’t been giving these female athletes their proper due. In fact, the Oakland Raiders are being sued by dozens of Raiderettes this week on charges of work and “wage theft … [as well as] unfair compensatory and employment practices.”

The official lawsuit was filed this Wednesday in an Alameda County Superior Court, with the document alleging that the organization has been withholding financial pay to the Raiders cheerleaders until the season’s end, failing to pay these team supporters for all of the hours they have worked, and making the cheerleaders pay a majority of their own business expenses out of pocket — or pompon, as it were.

“According to the recent filing, Oakland Raiders cheerleaders are paid only $1,250 per each NFL season, which roughly amounts to less than $5 per hour for the time they spend rehearsing, prepping, performing and appearing at a number of local and abroad events for which they are not even compensated.”

At this point in time, the team has not given an official comment on the lawsuit. Do you believe the Raiderettes’ lawsuit against Oakland will have any merit in the courtroom?

In other football news, NFL officials have also warned fans of a potential Super Bowl game day date change in the case of extreme weather. Fortunately, this is not expected to occur according to moderate weather forecasts, but the league is keeping fans aware of the possibility.

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