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Raid on Texas puppy mill finds extremely ill, senior pregnant dogs

German shepherd seized from a puppy mill in Texas with a HSNT volunteer.
German shepherd seized from a puppy mill in Texas with a HSNT volunteer.

On January 14, 2014, the Humane Society of North Texas converged on a puppy mill in the 500 block of Hide Away Lane in the Garner-Cool area, according to the Star Telegram. They rescued 29 dogs, one cat, two rabbits and three rats.

Senior dog with cataracts seized from puppy mill in Texas.

Though the tip leading to the raid mentioned 150 animals on the property, the humane society only found 35. Animal control officers had checked out the property previously and Tammy Roberts, the interim director of the humane society, believes large amounts of animals were moved over night.

The animals seized from the property were in horrendous condition. The dogs suffered from internal and external parasites, starvation, dehydration and untreated wounds. There were upper respiratory infections and many of the dogs are pregnant. Many of the pregnant dogs are seniors.

According to the Star Telegram, public records indicate the property belongs to Roger and Tina Williams, operating under the business name “R and T Kennels.”

An English bulldog, severely over bred, is in such bad shape she can hardly stand up due to hip and joint problems. A miniature poodle is missing a leg, a German shepherd is missing part of its ear, a Great Dane has open, ulcerated lesions due to bone cancer and many of the older dogs have cataracts. Even the rats are sick.

The animals are currently located at the humane society and recovery is expected to be a long road.

The humane society is trying to locate the other animals and believe they are probably just as ill as the ones they seized.

The investigation is ongoing.

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