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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE arrives on PS3 and PS Vita on April 1st

Ragnarok Odyssey releasing on April 1st for PS3 and PS Vita
Ragnarok Odyssey releasing on April 1st for PS3 and PS Vita
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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE , the revised and expanded version of the original Ragnarok Odyssey, will be coming to PS Vita and PS3 on April 1st in North America, thanks to XSEED Games. As of yet, no European release has been announced.

The upcoming Monster Hunter-esque RPG is developed by Game Arts, the company that has developed popular RPG titles such as the Grandia and Lunar series. The updated version will bring a slew of new additions including new skills, items, weapons such as a new weapon type called, Halomonas, which power increases as your character levels up, single and multiplayer quests, including a new 400-floor dungeon called the Tower of Yggdrasil, and gameplay balance adjustments. The addition of the Tower of Yggdrasil features an interesting experience as each time you play; randomly generated levels are created, which creates a diverse and brand new gameplay element. Furthermore, players who have played the original Ragnarok Odyssey and have save data can import their character’s physical appearance, voice, job class, and cards obtained. If you also have any of the original game’s downloadable content, you can bring all the content over to the newest edition just by re-downloading it from PlayStation Store.

New players to the series won’t have to worry about falling behind the pact as veteran players will also have start the campaign from the very beginning due to the new content that’s added to the main story. For those who wish to enjoy the game solo, the new mercenary system allows players to hire their own mercenaries to help take on the toughest bosses without having to find players online for assistance. Also, the game supports cross-play so PS3 and Vita players can play together. PSN Trophy hunters can rejoice as well as there will be multiple new trophies to earn. Trophies earned in the original game however, stay in the original game.

Be sure to save some memory card space as the two released Japanese version’s expansion patches will be making their way to North American version’s. Both patches, which may release at the same time, add new features including daily quests, log-in bonuses, online rankings and special random card draws. The second patch will feature a new boss rush mode in a new area called the Prison of the Gods.

The PS3 version will be available digitally and on store shelves for $39.99 but, the Vita version comes in two varieties: A physical limited edition, featuring a exclusive 25-track soundtrack CD for $39.99, and a digital edition, that does not include the soundtrack, for $34.99.


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