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Ragnarok end of the world: Vikings doomsday prediction has world ending Feb. 22

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The Ragnarok end of the world is upon us and if the world’s end doesn’t happen sometime today, this is yet another dooms day promise that has slipped by unfulfilled. The apocalypse should be going on all around you right about now, but the Vikings must have made a mistake when calculating the day, just like the Mayan’s who promised us the same thing just a little while back.

According to Escapist Magazine on Feb. 22, Ragnorok, which means the end of the world, was announced last year in a ritual using an ancient horn. This announcement came from the rooftops of York. Using the horn and announcing Ragnorok is the “potent of doom,” and the countdown began with the blowing of that ancient horn.

Once the horn was blown, this meant that the Ragnorok would happen within the next 100 days. Since they blew that horn last November, 100 days has gone by with Feb. 22 being the 100th day. The horn is called Gjallerhorn and legend has it that it belonged to the Norse god Heimdallr. Its sole purpose is to warn people that the end of the world in coming within the next 100 days.

It looks like the Ragnorok will now be filed away with the Mayan doomsday and Nostradamus’ end of the world predictions. All these doomsday predictions make the snow, cold and wind look pretty good today, after the doomsday predictions remind you that things could be much worse.