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Ragnarok end of the world: Doomsday starts with 'general decline of morality'

Ragnarok end of the world: Vikings end of the world, or doomsday was Feb. 22! Looks like their doomsday went by the way of the Mayans' doomsday.
Ragnarok end of the world: Vikings end of the world, or doomsday was Feb. 22! Looks like their doomsday went by the way of the Mayans' doomsday.
Jorvik Viking Center

Ragnarok means the end of the world, or doomsday, and some may argue that a few of the signs of the Ragnarok predictions are already present today. The old Norse prediction has Ragnarok starting within 100 days of the blowing of the ancient horn, which happened back in November off the rooftops of York. The Vikings believed that doomsday would follow a series of events, some of these signs, like the "decline of morality" are already seen in headlines today.

The horn is called Gjallerhorn and according to Norse legend, it belonged to the Norse god Heimdallr. Its only purpose is to warn people that the end of the world in coming within the next 100 days. This brings the date of Feb. 22 as the 100th day, according to MSN UK on Feb. 22.

Ragnarok end of the world is predicted to unfold like this:

The earth will split open, according to Norse mythology and it will release the inhabitants of the underworld, who will embark on a battle like none seen before.

The world will experience three consecutive winters, with no summers in between. This triggers the “general decline of morality.” Some might say you already see this decline today with evidence seen in the daily headlines.

The "sun and the moon will be devoured by wolves plunging the earth into darkness and stars will disappear from the sky." This isn't too much of a stretch as the wolves could be big industry giving off the horrendous smog that is seen in places around the globe. China has erected a gigantic outside TV set, about the size of a billboard, so that people there can see the Sunset televised. The sunset can't be seen by the naked eye in some places in China.

This is followed by the next prediction, which is as odd as the rest of them; “a cockerel (a male chicken) will ‘raise the dead.’” The dead has been raised many times in TV shows and movies like "The Walking Dead," and "The Night of the Living Dead." This wasn't done by a male chicken though, so this could be a real stretch!

The prediction continues with: "Earthquakes will release Femrir, a wolf that spreads terror like no other. As “snakes rise from the sea” the “inhabitants of hell” will come altogether on a ship for an epic battle between the "gods, men and other creatures." The ship is a tough one, but earthquakes giving off ash and gases could be that wolf.

Fenrir, will most likely kill Odin, the father of the gods. This sets the rest in motion as the Earth will be swallowed by the sea, and “life as we know it will cease to exist.” Well, for years it's been suggested California is slipping into the sea, but the entire world, that would include the seas, so this is a concept a bit difficult to wrap your head around.

The prediction cleans up nicely in the end. It is out with the old and in with the new, as a more "idyllic world" will rise out of these proverbial ashes. This will be a world where “wickedness and misery no longer exist.”

Depending on how you read these predictions, you could say some have already started or you could say that most of them are nothing but a story spun into a legend. While it makes for some fantastic reading, like a fairytale involving weather events, this particular doomsday date has come and gone. Feb. 22 was day number 100 after the blowing of the horn, so the end of the world prediction has expired!

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