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Ragnarok End of the World: Norse Apocalypse passes, world still here

Did you know that many were concerned about Ragnarok end of the world? What is that, exactly?

Well, with every new year seems to come another expected Doomsday scenario, although this one is something you may be able to appreciate a bit more if you’re up on your Viking mythology—or just watched a lot of “Thor” when it hit HBO.

According to several sites, including Jorvik Viking Festival, the end of the world was expected to have come on February 22nd, 2014, which predictably enough coincided with a “Battle Spectacular” show that featured tons of people, pyrotechnics, and a celebration (and potential goodbyes) in the city of York.

So what is Ragnarok 2014? And what does it all mean, especially as the ultimate date of the Apocalypse has come and gone?

Well, back in November, the Jorvik Viking Festival talked about this a little bit, saying the following:

“Ragnarok is the ultimate landmark in Viking mythology, when the gods fall and die, so this really is an event that should not be underestimated,” comments Danielle Daglan director of the JORVIK Viking Festival.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve had predictions of the Mayan apocalypse, which passed without incident, and numerous other dates where the end of the world has been pencilled in by seers, fortune tellers and visionaries, but the sound of the horn is possibly the best indicator yet that the Viking version of the end of the world really will happen on 22 February next year.”

Like the Mayan calendar that some felt predicted the end of the world in 2012, the Viking calendar predicted the end of the world, well, roughly 24 hours ago.

So, did you or anyone you have to deal with the mania surrounding Ragnarok End of the World? Share your comments below, especially how you feel Ragnarok 2014 compares to the Mayan Calendar, 2012.


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