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Ragnarok end of the world: Is mankind really doomed?

We survived the end of the millennium and the Mayan prophecy. But now comes the Ragnarok end of the world prophecy which says that the sea will 'swallow' the earth and life as we know it will end on Feb. 22 this year, says a Feb. 21 report from IBT.

According to the prophecies of Norse mythology, and according to the signs deciphered by experts from the Jorvik Viking Center, today is the dreaded day of Ragnaok: the end of the world.

In the British city of York, where they are currently celebrating the Viking Festival, many have prepared for the Ragnarok end of the world prophecy. Thousands of people with Nordic ancestors, coming from all over Europe, have gathered for the countdown.

A recent report from the Express details the events of the Ragnarok end of the world and it says...

"Norse mythology predicts the Ragnarok, the final mystical battle on earth, will begin on February 22.

Legend has it that Norse gods including Thor and Loki will battle to the death after earth splits open and unleashes the inhabitants of hell.

The god Odin, who is ruler of Asgard, will be killed by the wolf Fenrir and the other ‘creator’ gods will die.Viking lore has it that the globe will then fall into the sea and life on the planet will cease to exist."

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"Ragnarok is the culmination of the mythology of the Vikings, when the gods fall and die, so we should not underestimate the power of that date," says festival director, Danielle Domme, who denies that the alarm created is actually a propaganda weapon to drag the tribe until apocalyptic York ( or the imminent exposure of the Vikings in the British Museum).

"In the last two years there have been numerous predictions, but the sound of the horn is the most reliable case that the end of the world is near," says Domme, who encourages people to join the great celebration of the end of world by posting on social networks using the hashtag # Ragnarok2014.

Other experts, however, warn that the prophecy lends itself to many interpretations and some believe that the fate of mankind will not be entirely lost, because according to the myth, two people survive to repopulate a new world that, after Ragnarok, will be more fertile and green.

What is your opinion on the Ragnarok end of the world prophecy?

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