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Ragnarok end of the world: Another prediction of Earth meeting its demise

Ragnarok end of the world a mystery.
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Ragnarok end of the world is another way of saying "final destiny of the Gods."

According to the Viking calendar, it predicts the final battle on Earth will be Saturday, Feb. 22. The Week UK reported Feb. 21 that Norse mythology predicts the planet will split open and release "inhabitants of the underworld, culminating in an epic battle."

So, how does this play out? The first stage consists of three consecutive winters -- with no summers between them -- followed by a decline in morality. Wolves are believed to consume the sun and moon, causing the Earth to turn into darkness. Ragnarok end of the world is predicted to also mean stars will disappear from the sky "and a cockerel will 'raise the dead."

Earthquakes will happen, snakes rise from the sea and join inhabitants from hell to ride a ship among the gods, men and other creatures. Eventually the Earth will be swallowed by the sea and all life will be extinct.

The Mayan Apocalypse has ceased to occur despite strong predictions. Does this mean Ragnarok will be the one to appear? It seems every six months to a year some huge prediction arises that the end of the world is coming... and that people are reportedly preparing for extreme disaster.

Do you think Ragnarok the end of the world is coming?

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