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Ragnarok: Apocalypse today (Feb. 22) as Vikings and Thor predicted?

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Ragnarok, according to Norse legend, is today. As the Vikings and Thor predicted, the end of the world is supposed to be today, February 22, 2014. The God of Thunder himself, played by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel action movie, recently hinted at a possible apocalypse or end of days scenario with a Ragnarok theme, according to a Feb. 22 Inquisitr report. Lo and behold, unlike preppers and doomsday fanatics, there probably isn't an element that believes in the mythic legend.

Ragnarok aka "doom of the gods," was predicted by Norsemen in a land far, far away, and eons in the past -- as legend has it. Basically, Fenrir, the wolf god, slays Odin and Skoll consumes the sun. And if that isn't enough, Skoll's brother (Hai) pigs out on the moon, which sends the world into complete darkness. Of course the latter assumes Skoll hasn't indulged or had his fill on the sun yet.

One hundred days ago, Vikings at the JORVIK Viking Centre (Center to you non-Viking folk), announced the countdown to the Ragnarok apocalypse by sounding a horn atop its U.K. building in York. And to add in a bit of realism, they used a Gjallerhorn, which belonged to Norse god Heimdallr in the olden days.

The first to notice shall be man, brother will fight brother and all the boundaries that exist shall crumble," said a JORVIK spokesperson on suggestions of World War III.

Heck, Nostradamus, the Mayans, the late Harold Camping, Orson Wells, and even prognosticators of Y2K were all wrong about doomsday.

In short, Ragnarok is merely tongue-in-cheek and a reason for those who celebrate the legend to raise their mugs to. Whether a "Thor 3" includes an Armageddon scenario is anyone's guess. Until then, stock up on water, iodine, and plywood from Home Depot.

While the Norse Vikings won't be running amok and raiding monasteries, on Ragnarok Day 2014, the next best thing to do is stampede the local bars and taverns before a nearby star goes supernova.


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