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Raggy Monster breaking up after releasing second album

Raggy Monster
Raggy Monster
Jason Myers

As the clock ticks down on Rock Religion band Raggy Monster’s Kickstarter campaign, the band gets closer to starting the recording of their second album. They also get closer to the end of Raggy Monster as a band.

You might be wondering why a well-known local band has decided to end their run just as they’re getting into the prime of their career.

“We've gone through some difficult times after losing members, and it just feels like it's time to pursue our side-project.” says pianist and singer Billy Schmidt.

The Whiskey Wasps, Schmidt’s and Raggy Monster lead singer Rachel DuVall’s side project, shows a different side to the experimental indie rockers. The Whiskey Wasps is Schmidt and DuVall’s acoustic project, where they pick songs that create a mysterious atmosphere. They also re-arrange songs to fit the atmosphere they’re trying to create. One of the features of the Whiskey Wasps set list is a stripped down cover of rapper T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”, which could easily be mistaken for an original song with the way it’s arranged. The Wasps have an almost hypnotizing power over any audience they perform for, making them truly a treat to watch.

Whichever genre of their music you prefer, you can be certain that a lot of hard work and passion went into it, so be sure to catch Raggy Monster one last time, listen to the new album when it comes out or see the Whiskey Wasps in action.