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Rafting in Friant Near Fresno

River from Skaggs Bridge to Friant can be divided into 3 sections
River from Skaggs Bridge to Friant can be divided into 3 sectionsLucinda Roth

Are you seeking a fun alternative to hiking to get your exercise in? Try rafting. Rafting is low cost and helps you enjoy the outdoors while working out your arm muscles. The San Joaquin Valley has many options near Fresno. One such option is the river from Friant Dam to the Mendota Pool Dam. This rafting option varies in difficulty due to changes in water level. However it is usually about a I level for rafting. The rafting distance is approximately 59 miles with an average gradient of approximately 3 fpm and a maximum gradient of approximately 13 fpm.

Usually in summer easier rafting
Usually in summer easier raftingLucinda Roth

Rafting here is great because for the most part the water is flat which makes it easy for newbie rafting participants. The rafting area is through a valley river with occasional riffles in the upper reaches and a couple class 1 rapids near Friant and Lost Lake. During the summer the flow is low and that is the best time for beginners. During the summer rafting and paddling is quite easy on many days. There are a few whitewater areas that pop up when rafting especially when you go around spring. The best part of rafting here is that there is bird life and wild life all around you. It is not uncommon to see deer and beavers when you are rafting. Rafting here is similar to rafting in the Kings River from Sanger to Reedley.