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Radius Garden™ Identified as Product/Service of CARE

From the rain forests of south-east Alaska to the deciduous forests of the Mid-Atlantic region, across the Nation, all are challenged to use eco sustainable products and/or services. To enable identification, for the second quarter of 2014, the Wright Scoop recommends ‘product/services of CARE’ Radius Garden™.

Eco Sustainable Product/Services –
While historically, earth-friendly is defined as reduce, reuse and recycle, products and/or services which reflect a perspective of CARE - conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency - take this definition a step further. For, eco-sustainable products and/or services are not simply a result of lifestyle choice but reflect how we feel about the environment. Although keeping it simple (as in simple living) is a guideline, there is a more important underlying factor – a commitment to ultimate greening: provide for present-day lifestyles without sacrificing future eco systems.

Radius Garden™ Identified as Product/Service of CARE -
If eco-healthy urban suburban communities are to exist, we must become people who CARE – have a perspective of conservation, advocacy, recovery and eco-efficiency; and in fact, there are tools such as Radius Garden™ – which enable such a commitment. Radius Garden™ for example provides as founder Bruce Baker says, “The opportunity to avoid blisters, sore wrists, and frustrating experiences with low quality tools which break in a single season. At Radius Garden™ we ignore tradition and nonsense, re-thinking every aspect of every tool we make so you can have a better, more comfortable gardening experience. OSHA says 3/4 of all cumulative stress injuries are to the wrist and hand. Many, if not most, of these injuries can be prevented by better tool design. We believe that truly advanced ergonomic design ignores tradition and uses the most current research into human factors and tool usage. Our Patented, Natural Radius Grip™, maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress.”
As consumer demand for ‘green products’ moves forward, so will the implementation of sector specific ‘greening certifications’. Because Radius Garden™ is a fore-runner and appears to be well accepted by astute ‘dig in the dirt’ consumers, this product/service is recommended to ‘jump start’ a commitment to becoming a person who CAREs.

About the Wright Scoop -
As an eco-advocate who participates in nation-wide regional plant as well as product testing, Wright gained familiarity with numerous programs. In 2012, she launched a program – Plants of CARE, which spotlights a plant for its ability to inspire people to CARE – have a perspective of conservation, advocacy, recovery and eco-efficiency. To further emphasize individual commitment impact, Wright has for year 2014 launched a program – Product and/or Services of CARE.
Recognized by Landscape Architect magazine as an Industry ‘mover and shaker’, The Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright has issued a challenge to all to move America’s landscape from eco-weak to eco-chic. For additional tips and strategies, link to web site or contact or follow her activities through facebook group The Wright Scoop or twitter ID WrightScoop. As recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award, the Wright Scoop challenges all to become people who CARE: commit to conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency.

Recommended Products and/or Services of CARE:
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