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Radiohead Creeps into American Airlines Arena

Radiohead pulls into Miami to launch the next coming week, on Monday, February 27, 2012. They will take over the American Airlines Arena and if there are fans out there that do not yet have their tickets, this fan recommends you get your little fingers busy on your computer keyboard and grab them now. This band is not one to miss by any standards.


I have read reports where this could be their last tour; I will wait until the band announces that personally before I believe that one. They have been around for two decades thus far and I do not see them fading into silence anytime soon.


Radiohead were one of the few alternative bands of the early '90s to draw heavily from the grandiose arena rock. Their original sound and detailed attention to the music and strong lyrics is what keeps fans buying tickets to this day.

But the band internalized that epic sweep, turning it inside out to tell tortured, twisted tales of angst and alienation. Vocalist Thom Yorke's pained lyrics were brought to life by the group's three-guitar attack, which relied on texture -- borrowing as much from My Bloody Valentine and Pink Floyd as R.E.M. and Pixies.

It took Radiohead a while to formulate their signature sound, but they indeed did get it down rather well.

Thom Yorke (vocals, guitar), Ed O'Brien (guitar, vocals), Jonny Greenwood (guitar), Colin Greenwood (bass), and Phil Selway (drums) formed Radiohead as students at Oxford University in 1988. Initially called 'On a Friday', the band began pursuing a musical career in earnest in the early '90s, releasing the 'Drill' EP in 1992.

Their 1993 debut,’Pablo Honey’, only suggested their potential, and one of its songs, "Creep," became an unexpected international hit with its angst-ridden lyrics making it an alternative rock anthem. Many observers pigeonholed Radiohead as a 'one-hit wonder'.

The group's second album, 'The Bends', was released to terrific reviews in the band's native Britain in early 1995, helping build a more stable fan base. Having demonstrated unexpected staying power, as well as increasing ambition, Radiohead next released 'OK Computer', a progressive, electronic-tinged masterpiece that became one of the most acclaimed albums of the '90s.

'Kid A' was finally released in October 2000 and astonished many observers by debuting at number one on the U.S. album charts. While the band didn't release any singles or embark on a formal tour, the album met with a mixed critical response as the group was accused of creating a distant and radio-unfriendly record.

In June of 2001, Radiohead quickly released an album under the name Amnesiac that consisted of material that was recorded during the 'Kid A' sessions.

On October 1, 2007, the band members announced that they had finished their seventh album 'In Rainbows'; a "disc box" containing a double-vinyl version, a CD copy with an enhanced six-track bonus disc, a lyric book, and photos—notably without the involvement of a record label.

With Radiohead's release of 'The King of Limbs' on February 14, 2011, the band announced that the album would be issued in five days as a fixed-price download with physical releases to follow.

So for a band pegged as a 'one hit wonder' following the success of “Creep”...Radiohead has offered quite the artistic and professional relevant staying power like that of the bands of the past; bands like Zeppelin, Aerosmith and the Stones were [and for the most part] still are relevant to today's music scene. Two out those three mentioned are still actively touring today. This fan can admit that she awaits a Radiohead release like I recall doing as a youngster with my older siblings...waiting in line at the local record store to get the latest release from bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Yes.

All though there is one single that stands out a bit more than some and serves as Radiohead's most recognizable single to date--the band had really not enjoyed playing 'Creep' live anymore and stopped all together for a spell. All though this single may have been 'over-played' to say the least...I would love to still hear them do an amazing live rendition of it this coming Monday evening at the American Airlines Arena. I guess we all just have to grab our tickets and wait and see. Radiohead is definitely always worth the wait for a live performance and never disappoints.

WHAT: Radiohead…LIVE!

WHEN: Monday February 27, 2012; show time is 7:00pm

WHERE: American Airlines Arena - 601 Biscayne Blvd Miami, Florida 33132



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