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Radioactivity reaches coast: Fukushima leak hitting US in April 2014, no threat

As radioactivity reaches the coast of Canada this week and U.S. borders this April 2014, scientists are reassuring the public that no major threat is posed by the contaminated ocean waters. Following the devastating tsunami back in 2011 that wrecked the Fukushima nuclear plant and caused a toxic leak in Japan, experts have been keeping a close eye on a potentially tainted Pacific Ocean. eCanada Now reports this Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014, that the first evidence of contamination has arrived off the British Columbian coast of Canada, according to recent water samples.

Radioactivity from Japan is hitting Canada and U.S. waters
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

After over two years, the radioactivity reaches coast threat has seeped into North American waters following the massive Fukushima leak. A new presentation held at the yearly Ocean Sciences meetings revealed that ocean experts did confirm that the public should not be seriously worried, however. All radiation levels tested in a number of coastal water sites have been determined to be at a very low amount and ultimately safe.

While the contamination may have already spread to locations not far from the Canadian coast, it is estimated by researchers that toxic radionuclides will hit the U.S. coast off Hawaii as early as April 2014. The Fukushima leak aftermath is set to continue to trickle into the U.S. state’s beautiful waters for the next 24 months, but scientists have stated that the radioactive plume will not seriously pose a threat to either people living near the coastal waters or ocean life.

Due to the massive circulatory patterns that flow within the Pacific Ocean, ascertaining precisely when the radioactivity reaches the coast and hits its most intense contamination point is virtually impossible at this point. However, scientists say that because they are continually testing the waters, they will be able to alert the public if and when radioactive levels ever become dangerous.

Although contamination from the Fukushima leak has now hit Canadian shores, scientists again reaffirm that no immediate threat is present. No danger is anticipated to be present when the tainted waters reach U.S. territory this April 2014.

“At this point, these levels are clearly not a human or biological threat in Canada,” the expert stated.

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